Black & Decker Vacuums

Not only do you use your truck as a vehicle to travel long distances hauling freight over the country, but it’s also your second home. For some it’s the only home. Keeping it clean and smelling fresh can be hard, especially when finding the right products that work the best. Most nerve wrecking thing is when the vacuum won’t suck all the dirt the way it’s suppose to. Seems not many vacuums available to truckers have high power. A lot of vacuums can take a long time to recharge their battery, and it still dies on you pretty quick.  Black & Decker vacuums are the most recommended vacuums for for your truck. Here are the best Black & Decker vacuums for you to choose from that won’t hurt your pockets, but it’s performance will leave to satisfied in a clean truck.

vacume1Black & Decker PAV1200W (Click For Availability + Pricing)

This isn’t a wireless vacuum, but that’s what makes it very powerful on the suction part. The cord is more than enough long to be able to get to every part inside of your cab. It plugs into your cigarette outlet and you’re ready to suck up that dirt. It provides constant power, where most portable vacuums fail. How powerful can one expect a vacuum to be? Powerful enough to be able to at least suck up dog hair out of your truck. It comes with small tips for the hard to reach places, great brush tips,  and a large enough nozzle that prevents it from clogging up and reducing the suction power. It does come with a bag and storing it anywhere in your truck is really easy. This is a long lasting vacuum that will help keep your truck clean inside. It does come with a 2 year warranty. vacu1rate

vacum2Black & Decker CHV1410L (Click For Availability + Pricing)

It’s a reason Black & Decker CHV1410L is the BEST SELLER. The suction power is amazing that will get all the hair, dust, rocks, dirt that form in your cab. It’s very easy to use to and store away. It comes with extra brushes for hard to reach places, but the most amazing part about this vacuum is the battery life. Since it uses 1 Lithium battery which is included it never loses power of sucking up dirt, and the battery life never fades away. It does come with a portable charging station, and you will be able to use this vacuum year after year without any loss of performance. The power is great for this vacuum, especially that it’s wireless. Would recommend this vacuum to anyone that drivers a semi truck. It’s easy to keep clean, and has a washable filter. vacum2star

blackdecker3Black & Decker BDH2000PL (Check For Availability + Pricing)

The 20 volt Lithium Ion battery voltage offers ample power for vacuuming, more than adequate suction for a battery powered vacuum
Crevis tools work great, but you have to make sure that they are clicked into place properly. It does have a flip-in-place brush that you’ll never lose. It is a cordless vacuum but thanks to the Lithium Ion battery it doesn’t lose any charge like mentioned in the products above. It does also come with a portable charging station. Overall, it’s not the number one option, but if you choose to go with this vacuum, you won’t regret it.                vacu1rate


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