AUSDOM Car DVR Dash Cam AD260, 2.7 Inches LCD Display Car Camcorder, Color 4.0MP CMOS Sensor, f/2.0 Aperture, Motion Detection, Parking Monitor, Full HD 1080P


  • 4.0MP CMOS SENSOR; the Ausdom Dash Cams for Cars AD260 is geared up with a color 4.0 megapixel CMOS sensor that offers superior recording performance.
  • MULTIPLE VIEWING ANGLES; you can capture more of road scenes in either horizontal (105 degree) or diagonal (120 degree) viewing angles.
  • PARKING MONITOR; have you ever gone to the supermarket and come to your car only to realize that it has been collided? The AD260 car dash cam features a parking monitor, which triggers automatic recording if a collision or shaking is sensed.
  • PERFECT FOCUS; its f/2.0 ensures that the subject in focus will be sharper and clearer, while the rest of the image will be blurry.
  • LOOP-CYCLE RECORDING; once the SD card is full, the dash cam will override old recordings with new ones to ensure that no important moment will be missed.

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Equipped with a color 4.0 megapixel CMOS sensor, this car dvr stands out through the incredible quality of the clear, colorful graphics it offers. Unlike most dash cams out there, the AD260 car camera provides multiple viewing angles of 105 and 135 degrees, thus allowing you to capture as much of the scene as possible and ensuring that you won’t be missing important details.

The 2.7 inch display allows for easy and convenient watching of recordings, offering full hd resolution of 1920 x 1080px for clear, detailed imagery. The f/2.0 aperture ensures that the subject in focus is sharp and clear while the rest of the image is blurry. Parking monitor activates video recordings in the event of a collision or car camera shaking while your car is parked.

Thanks to the loop-cycle recording feature, you’ll never need to worry about manually deleting old recordings to free up space for new ones .The AD260 car DVR will automatically override old files, thus offering continuous recordings.



  • Small and lightweight, can be used in any vehicles.
  • 105-degree and 135-degree viewing angles.
  • Color 4.0MP CMOS sensor provides quality imagery.
  • F/2.0 aperture keeps the subject in focus.
  • Motion detection activates car camera recording.
  • Night Version




  1. This is my second dash cam and so far it’s my best with only a few small complaints. The fit and finish on this is wonderful it does not feel like the cheap cams do.


    Nice metal casing
    Wonderful clear daytime video
    Uses a standard USB micro cord and includes a nice long cord
    The buttons are nice and large and easy to press
    Nice wide angle view
    Microphone picks up really good from inside and out of the vehicle.
    Uses standard MOV files which are playable on anything including my Chromebook


    The metal casing, yep it’s a con also. You mount it to the windshield where it gets sun and it get’s HOT to the touch.
    The micro usb port is on the bottom, seriously???? Who thought that would be good?
    Night time vision is good but street lights and car lights sun burst a lot.
    White led’s for night vision? Yha turn those off
    The recordings are all dumped into one folder instead of dated folders

    Overall it’s a very nice camera for the money and gives really nice crisp and clear daytime video, the file size for 3 mins is 400mb using 1080p HDR settings and recorded perfectly on a Class 10 micro sd card. The nighttime starburst on on lights is annoying but expected from a mid range or cheaper camera.

  2. This is an all round excellent dash cam . Easy to install, excellent video quality with time,date,. Highly recommended to anyone who wants a dash cam.

  3. I drive in heavily populated areas and congested traffic daily I am exposed to careless drivers. A dash cam is a very important thing for me to have. I did have some issues navigating the menus and getting the settings to where I liked them but with some time I am really liking it. It delivers a wide very clear picture and is easy to transfer files to our computer. I feel protected that if for any reason I was in an accident i’d be able to show what happened. One thing I liked better about past cameras is that the display would stay on. I wish I could change that about this one, on this model the display goes dark. I prefer the screen to stay on so i’m sure it’s still recording. It does use a lot of memory recording at the highest HD setting which is what I use, so i do recommend getting the highest storage memory card you can find. I bought a 128gb and it actually seems to read the whole thing even though it says 64gb is the max. This ones screen does shut off, but does still record. I like it on so I have to click on it to make sure it’s still working. Other than that i’m very pleased with this dash cam and will get a lot of use out of it.

  4. I was looking at these dash cameras in Target the other day thinking how great it would be for me to buy one. But the price was not in my budget range at that time so I would have to wait to buy one. Then this opportunity came along !!! I love all the great features it comes with!!

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