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 The Best Dash Cameras

Dash cameras have become very popular in the last few years. The presence of a dash camera has caught a lot of  bad drivings habits and criminal activities on footage for driver’s safety, especially when it comes to the law. There no better way to judge an accident like having proof that it was not your fault and keeping your driving record accident free. The market has become flooded with dash cameras and it’s hard to choose which dash camera you should purchase.

The perfect dash camera is not going to be cheap like the $24.99 dash cameras that will die on you within a week or two. What we have done is researched all the dash cameras that are in a reasonable price range that won’t cut your pockets, but they will offer top notch quality and performance.

dashcamrexingREXING V1 (User Reviews + Description)

This dash camera records a 1920×1080 Full-HD. This is very high quality, and works pretty well in the dark too,but not the greatest compared to other dash cameras. The videos are top quality, it’s easy to snap a picture, the mount secures very good, and it’s design is just so slick and discreet – it’s perfect for driving, especially if you are an OTR driver.

71m3bCKD19L._SL1500_Z-Edge Z3 (User Reviews + Descriptions)

Z3 is a fantastic choice. Not only do the videos come out with top quality but it’s motion sensors kick in when they detect a hit to your vehicle, or anything out of the ordinary. Picture quality is ideal for night driving, and it’s a wide camera view angle which allows to catch much more than just the nose of your hood.


KDLINKS X1 (User Reviews + Descriptions)

X1 has a wider angle than Z Edge being at 165 degrees compared to 145. It records videos in high def and has SUPERB NIGHT VISION. It can record automatically and be set on loop to run no matter how much memory you waste. Battery life is also very high compared to other dash cameras. GPS tracks the location where your footage has been recorded just in case you aren’t sure. Buying this camera you can only be satisfied.



FalconZero F170HD (User Reviews + Descriptions)

FalconZero offers even a wider range than KDLINKS X1. Option to record sound is perfect for confidential reasons. Performance is another top quality picture perfect recording you won’t regret. It’s equipped with night vision, HD photo capture, and it can also track your location and speed. Can’t go wrong with this dash camera,especially when it’s backed by a 5 year hassle-free warranty!


Vantrue R2 (User Reviews + Descriptions)

Vantrue R2 may be the best dash camera so far. It’s picture is crystal clear with it’s 2k capabilities. Night vision is spectacular and it also catches 170 degree angle such as FlaconZero.  The easy set up – and running smoothly is just a little extra great for it’s specs. Would definitely recommend this dash camera.

71ojRH4IQQL._SL1400_WheelWitness HD PRO ( User Reviews + Descriptions)

WheelWitness HD PRO offers one of the highest resolutions for clear videos. It does a great job for night driving, and comes equipped with options that it’s competitors have. It’s also included 3 different mounts, that you can always grab the camera when ever switching your vehicles. Someone who has more than just a truck, but cars would love this dash camera more than the others. Highly recommended dash camera!


71kLQRuxe9L._SL1500_AUSDOM AD260 ( User Reviews + Descriptions)

This dash camera isn’t the greatest compared to the dash cameras listed above, but it does have it’s value. While it doesn’t have the best picture quality, it still does deliver pretty darn good picture quality. It does come with night vision, and loops recordings if needed. Would recommend this camera, but it wouldn’t be my first choice.


There are a lot of dash cameras on the market, especially at truck stops. It’s highly suggested you find a better deal online. Some of these dash cameras do need memory cards. After searching for dash cameras these are the top 7 choices I would recommend. Cheaper options not only fail at delivering what you would expect, but also break down easily. There are higher price cameras, but in all honesty their quality doesn’t show for extra money being spent.



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