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Are you still wondering if the TA/Petro Truckstop’s  $129.99 cooler is worth the money? Stop wondering and find out what options you have as far as keeping a fridge or a cooler in your truck. Choosing a fridge or a cooler for a driver can be difficult- not just for price purposes but fitting sizes, and how much room does a fridge have? There are drivers that need a freeze too, which depends on you to find out which one of these will work the best.

Before buying a fridge/cooler for a truck you must take these key things into consideration:

  • How much room does your truck have? Majority of guys remove a cabinet to find space for a good sized fridge.
  • How often are you on the road? If you are on the road a lot, you will want a bigger fridge that can store more food which reduces the hassle of grocery shopping every other day.
  • Do you buy frozen items? A person can easily forget looking if their fridge has a freezer until they buy groceries and it’s too late.

Fridge & Cooler Reviews (2016)

EdgeStar 3.1EdgeStar 3.1 (User Reviews and Description)

The refrigerator section is organized more like a full size fridge. It’s easy to maintain it clean, and you’ll hardly notice that it’s there because it’s noise is very minimal compared to a lot of fridges. Includes a freezer and double door to make sure that frozen stays frozen, and fresh remains fresh. Highly recommend this for OTR drivers that stay out for long. If you’re tired of the truck stop food, this is a great fridge to install and stock up on food!



ENGEL USA MR040F-U1 (User Reviews and Description)

At first Engel USA fridge/cooler doesn’t seem like it offers a lot, especially the price of it! At a second glance it’s probably one of the top coolers/fridges/freezers you will ever have. It freezes food within half an hour, cools within minutes, holds frozen for over 12 hours, and one of the most important things is that it will rarely eat your battery life. Highly recommended for a person that will use this for a long time- it’s worth the money!

More fridge/coolers reviews are coming soon!


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