CB Radios

Choosing a C.B. Radio can be difficult, especially for new drivers. A truck doesn’t feel like a truck without a C.B. Radio, even with new technology such as cellphones, C.B. Radio’s are still very POPULAR because they allow you to communicate with other drivers on the road. These are probably the best modern C.B. Radio’s you will find, but you also have to remember you need to tune it accordingly, and make sure you have good antennas.

419D05n8i+L._SX425_Cobra 29 LTD (User Reviews + Description)

Cobra 29 LTD is a very popular C.B. Radio.  It holds it’s appeal with the shine, and it’s modern/classic design, but the true quality is in the radio itself. Tuned properly and easily, but the noise reduction is great which allows you to hear perfectly. The price isn’t too expensive, and for what’s it worth, it might be even under valued.

61NMgomMoTL._SL1200_Cobra 29 LX  (User Reviews + Description)

This has been my favorite C.B. Radio. It has this modern space craft feel to it. Adjusting the different light colors to compliment any other lighting colors you may have in the cab. Personal choice is red, easy on the eyes, but you choose your own. The C.B. Radio itself is fantastic. Automated scanning – clear communication – weather alert scanning. Testing your reach signal strength as well. You can find this also in camo, and chrome limited edition.


81bxhQjLuFL._SL1500_Galaxy DX-949 (User Reviews + Description)

Galaxy Dx 949 is just jam-packed with features. This radio has more bells and whistles than most other CB’s on the market for the price new in the boxes, but more importantly, the features are all very useful.

81yKhQkhtKL._SL1500_Galaxy Radios DX-959B (User Reviews + Description)

This unit is a bit of a favorite amongst truck drivers;.It is a good radio. That said, it will remain my “Truck unit”. If you insist on a Roger Beep, high output capability after tweaking, and/or insist on a “needle & knobs” layout, the Galaxy is for you. Otherwise, there is a better offer in a less expensive package worth taking a good look at.

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