Bluetooth Headsets

The Best Bluetooth Headsets

There are million Bluetooth headsets available, but finding a top quality headset that will perfect your needs can be challenging. Top quality headsets should have a long battery life, and crystal clear communication on both ends of the line. After trying many products from all different price ranges, and sizes,  finally it’s understood why these 3 bluetooth headsets are the most recommended by truckers.


61WyiqyxnWL._SL1500_VXi BLUEPARROTT B350-XT (User Reviews + Description)

The BLUEPARROT B350-XT is loved so much by me that I even take it home! The communication with other people is always crystal clear, even when climbing a hill with 45k pounds, with the window down. I am never asked to repeat myself, nor do I have to request anyone to repeat themselves. The battery life is incredible. Half an hour charge will get you at least 3 hour talk time. By far this is the best bluetooth headset and worth every penny!

41J2Rdk6+ELVXi BLUEPARROTT B250-XT (User Reviews + Description)

BLUEPARROTT B250-XT was the top quality bluetooth headsets,until they released the B350-XT version. It still works amazingly and it’s quality is just as good. Besides design and little less options than the B350 offers, I would still recommend this headset for it’s quality communication abilities if you’re trying to save a couple of bucks.  The battery life will surprise you!



415zqDvr05L._SX425_BLUE TIGER ELITE ( User Reviews + Description )

Blue Tiger Elite is one of the top quality bluetooth headsets you will find. It’s talk time is longer than BlueParrott’s, and it allows for multi media such as music to be played as well. The quality of talking with people is superb as well. What I really like the most about Blue Tiger Elite was the comfort. It’s very well cushioned and comfortable to hang around your head all day. It’s another highly recommended bluetooth headset.


Doesn’t matter which headset you choose between the 3 headsets above, you will be satisfied with each. Personal preference would be the BLUEPARROTT B350-XT, not because it’s better than Blue Tiger Elite, but it’s because I am already used to how it works. Blue Tiger Elite would be my second choice, because it is a great headset, and BLUEPARROT B250-XT doesn’t offer as many things as Blue Tiger Elite or BLUEPARROTT B350-XT do. However, B250-XT is still an excellent choice for a person who isn’t looking to spend too much money on headsets, but still wants to enjoy a good crystal clear conversation while driving.

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