There are dozen of dash cameras now a day. You may find them anywhere from your local stores to truck stops around the nation. Market has been filled with hundreds of brands and variety of prices that it has become difficult to choose what is the best dash cam for a truck driver. After trying and reviewing different dash cams we have looked for a certain criteria to find out which dash cam is the best for a trucker.

Before you continue reading, please understand there is plenty of great dash cameras for truckers. Check out a list here.  However the best dash camera for a truck has been found to be Z-Edge Z3.

The quality of the video your will catch on the road is without a doubt high quality that is 2k. This means you might even be able to make a movie with it, but let’s not get carried away with ourselves now. Quality is superb that you will catch every licence plate with great detail.

The camera comes with two charge cables. One is short, which for whatever reason you might find useful, but due to the size of semi truck windshields the long cable that is included makes it easy to be tucked away, and still reach the Z-Edge Z3 mounted on your windshield to keep it always charged. Speaking of mounting, the mount for your windshield is perfect for easy attachment of the dash camera without the mount getting loose.

Pricing for dash cameras has been all over the place. While there are cheap options such as $39.99 there are also expensive options such as $399.99 dash cameras. However the Z-Edge Z3 camera in our opinion is neither cheap, but also it’s not high priced. The price of $99.99 makes it not only affordable but more than fair value for your investment to keep you protected on the road, and also to catch cool or insane drivers on the road. bestdash

For the investment of only $99.99 for a dash cam that has great mounting, charging cables sizes, and most of all great field of view with a HD 2K video quality, the Z-Edge Z3 is the best dash camera for truckers. For more reviews and comparison to other dash cameras click here.



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