First Aid Kit With Essential Survival Kit Every Trucker Should Carry


First Aid Kits are one of those things that we hate to have to use, but are glad we have them when they’re needed. In a line of work being a truck driver you never when you may have a small injury such as a cut on your hand, arm, or if you might fall and scrape your knee. In Detroit,MI during a winter time a driver was scraping hazmat placards from his trailer. For those who don’t know, but that can be really difficult task because they are beyond super glued to the trailer. Being in a rush, and the weather temperature being low the driver used a knife, and cut his hand. Not a deadly injury, but blood was dripping all over his truck as he tried to find something to wrap his hand with.

Little incident like that can sure cause a big mess, and let’s not think about bigger incidents that can happen while on the road.

It’s really surprising that not many trucks, or companies offer First Aid Kits to their drivers. However, being a driver you should always look after yourself and get a First Aid Kit, that hopefully you won’t have to use. That sounds pretty interesting. One of those things.  You may check this kit out and read other reviews here


This is also a very great First Aid Kit. It’s a 180 piece kit with pockets for you to add more to it if desired.

Highly recommended!firstaidkit2

  • COMPLETE JAM-PACKED FIRST AID KIT, 180 pieces with pocket organizers for anything you would like to add.
  • EXTREMELY lightweight & COMPACT design easy to store & use. Stay safe and fully prepared for any emergency.
  • Produced in an FDA Approved Facility, Quality is of the utmost importance.
  • BE CONFIDENT in your travels by knowing your emergency preparedness kit is full and ready to be used.
  • 100% MONEY-BACK Satisfaction Guarantee, no hassles or stress. We are so sure you will love this emergency kit that it is backed by a LIFETIME Warranty


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